Mitsubishi Heavy Industries


Mitsubishi are among our top systems we recommend to our clients. This is due to the fact they are world leaders in reliability, quietness and energy efficiency. They have a proven track record of performing well in the harsh Australian environment.!

Mitsubishi Split Systems

The SR range of split system air conditioners includes capacities from 2.0KW to 9.2KW.
  • Self Clean Operation The ‘self-clean operation’ works for 2 hours after the unit has stopped normal operation. The outdoor fan continues to operate on a very low speed to dry the unit, this restricts the growth of mould. This feature can be selected on the remote control.
  • Wide Operation Range Heating and cooling operations are possible at an outdoor temperature as low as –15°C.
  • Long Reach Air Flow Air conditioner The jet technology enables powerful airflow ideal for large rooms.
  • Silicon Coated PCB The printed circuit board of the outdoor unit is coated by silicon. This coating ensures longevity of the board in humid conditions.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance The base of the outdoor unit is hot dipped to provide corrosion and scratch resistance.

Mitsubishi Multi-Split System

  • Inverter multi-split system allows 2 – 6 indoor air conditioning units to be connected to one outdoor unit.
  • One compact multi-split outdoor unit instead of many outdoor units can be very important when there is minimal space for outdoors.
  • The indoor units include wall mounted, floor standing, low static bulkhead or compact cassette types.
  • Indoor units come with their own remote control, which allows each unit to be switched on/off and adjust temperatures as needed.

Mitsubishi Ducted System

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ducted air conditioners are the best way to enhance your living environment providing ultimate comfort. Climate control is at the touch of a button with every Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ducted unit. This well regarded brand will ensure comfort all year round with their reverse cycle models.

The range of ducted air conditioning systems includes capacities from 5.0KW to 16.0KW
Mitsubishi’s Hyper Inverter technology allows temperature conditions down to -20C