Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Fujitsu Split Systems

Fujitsu air conditioning units supplied and installed by Frozone Air can generally be categorised in four major groups being wall mounted split system air conditioners, multi split systems, ducted air conditioners and floor/ceiling air conditioners. Frozone Air offer Fujitsu Air Conditioner Installation Sydney wide.

Fujitsu’s Classic Range has a range starting from 2.5KW to 9.2KW cooling and 10KW heating outputs. They quickly and efficiently condition any room to ideal comfort levels and easy to use controllers help you get the most out of your unit.

Features include :

Energy Efficient Systems – Need quick relief? Inverter air conditioners work more quickly and quietly. They can also handle greater extremes in temperature. Also being 30% more efficient which makes them more economical than conventional units.

Economy Operation – The Classic Range’s Economy Operation is an energy saving setting that allows the set temperature of the indoor unit to change by one degree intervals, limiting the maximum energy usage of the air conditioner.

Clean, Filtered Air – The Classic Range’s filter uses static electricity to clean fine particles and dust in the air such as tobacco smoke and plant pollen that are too small to see. The filter contains catechin, highly effective against bacteria growth, creating a safe, clean environment for the entire family.

Fujitsu Multi Split Systems

  • Each room can be regulated individually
  • Intelligent multi-split system with modern direct-current dual-split
  • Flexible installation thanks to a wide variety of indoor units.
  • Efficient and energy-saving for heating operations in particular
  • Four different indoor devices can be connected (see table)


Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioning

Fujitsu ducted air conditioning provides you with a crucial part of modern living, the ability to control the climate in your home, office or commercial premises at the touch of a button. Fujitsu have a range of ducted air conditioners that can suit any project. With the ducted range starting from 7.1KW all the way up to 25.0KW in both single and three phase models.

Fujitsu ducted air conditioners have various models including bulkheads, slimline models and high static models. All models are also efficient inverters, reverse cycle systems.



Fujitsu Floor/Ceiling Air Conditioners

Fujitsu floor/ceiling air conditioning units are suitable for domestic and commercial application. They are slim and lightweight and are specifically designed for floor or ceiling installation. The major advantage of this unit is its flexibility in installation locations.

Example for floor installation
Floor console
Example for ceiling installation
Under ceiling