Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Air Conditioner Performing at Its Best

Important tips to keep your system performing at its peck for years to come.




September 9, 2019

There are two major events in our city that should have you picking up the phone and making an appointment with your professional aircon cleaners in Sydney.  The first is obvious; it’s the absolute guarantee of the change to warmer weather. You can expect some random high temperature days in October and when they arrive, you will find it difficult to adapt. 

The second event is the commencement of daylight savings. Not only will the days be that much warmer, they will be longer as well. A maintenance check on your air-conditioner will not only keep you cool, it will save you money because your air-conditioner won’t have to work that much harder to push through dirty filters. You’ll avoid the possibility of your unit breaking down.

Clean and replace your filters

If you think you’re a bit of a DIY person, that’s fantastic, you probably can change your air-conditioning filters yourself. Learning how to clean a ducted air conditioner filter isn’t quite as simple but it can be done if you’re super keen. Even so, you want to make sure that you’re doing the job correctly so it’s a great idea to have us do a thorough check of your system and we can run through it with you if you like? 

There is more to air-conditioner maintenance than just changing the filters although there are few jobs that are more important. Dirty air flowing through your system may cause allergy and asthma symptoms and in more severe cases respiratory problems.

Wiring and components

We’ve seen instances where people have turned on their systems and they begin to overheat immediately. They don’t realise that for some reason the insulation around the wires has melted or one of the arts has burned out. If you have a short in your connection it can affect your appliances and vice-versa.

You may feel confident replacing the parts yourself but the cause of the problem may be more challenging than you realise. It’s best to give us a call and make sure it’s not something that may recur and cause even more damage. 

How’s your thermostat?

Is your thermostat still keeping your home at the right temperature? If not you may have an older, mechanical thermostat. It could be a good time to upgrade to a programmable model which means you can preset to ensure your system goes on and off at specific times. It’s a great way to ensure you are returning to a cool home and it will save you loads of money.

Condenser Unit fan

The condenser unit fan can become dirty and the blades can chip and crack. If so you may need to replace one of the blades or the entire fan. Keep the blades oiled so they turn smoothly, that’s particularly important for older units.

Your outside unit

Your split system air-conditioner has an outside unit that can fill up with debris and dirt. Not cleaning it regularly is a sure way to reduce your unit’s effectiveness and efficiency. This is a job that is pretty safe to do without an expert on hand. Turn the unit off at the power - that’s the starting point for any kind of electrical work - and run your hose against and over the blades. Don’t be too heavy handed and definitely don’t use a high pressure hose.

Of course, if you want to give your outside unit a thorough clean then you can engage our air-conditioner cleaning service. Frozone Air provide a complete and comprehensive service for everything to do with air-conditioners. We sell and service the best brands from all over the world. Don’t wait till summer is in full bloom, call us now for a service call or discuss your next air-conditioning unit. 

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September 9, 2019