How to avoid a spike in your electricity bill because of your air conditioner?

Tips on how to save energy use of your air conditioner.




November 30, 2019

If you don’t do think carefully and take precautions to keep your energy costs down Sydney summer’s  can be very expensive. Preparing your air conditioner for summer is really important. You don’t want it working harder than it needs to due to dirty filters or poor maintenance. That will cost you a fortune at current electricity prices. 

Having the wrong sized system

Energy savings commence at the point of sale. Buying the least expensive unit or the unit that is ‘on special’ may not represent such a special deal after all. Buying the wrong sized can be an expensive mistake. It’s the ‘Goldilocks’ principle. A system that is too large will cool quickly but not dissolve the room’s humidity. That confuses the system and causes it to turn off and on regularly. It uses more energy starting and a system that is turning on and off too often will have a reduced life. You also run the risk of cooling areas that nobody uses and there’s not much point in that. Conversely, if the system is too small then it’s working way too hard to cool the area and that’s no good either. 

As we said in the beginning, Split system air conditioner installation in Sydney is about getting advice on the right unit for your circumstances. 

Compressors, thermostats and vents

Compressors are not the most attractive accessory to a home which is why you often see them hidden behind a bush or concealed in some other way. That’s about the worst thing you can do with a compressor - that and leaving it in direct sunlight. Hiding it reduces its ability to disperse hot air through the system and leaving it too exposed will also reduce its ability to disperse heat. Leave it outside and under cover.

The same principle applies if the thermostat is concealed or exposed then it’s not able to do its job. Install your thermostat in a cool open spot so it can read the temperature effectively. If it can’t it’s sending the wrong message to your unit and that’s costly. It’s also common sense not to block vents that play an important role in air circulation and efficiency.

25 degrees celsius is the sweet spot

If you set the temperature any lower then you can add about three percent per degree to your electricity bill. Starting your unit lower and leaving it there will cost you a fortune. Use ceiling fans periodically to keep the airflow in the lower half of your room where it needs to be. The air will stay at the right temperature if you close all the windows and doors and keep cool air from escaping up stairwells and into voids. 


We go on about maintenance but nothing ensures the longevity of your air conditioning unit than calling your aircon cleaning services for a regular maintenance check. Aside from cleaning filters, . your Frozone maintenance engineer will check the seals between the conduit and the condenser, look for any signs of corrosion, rust or damage that has occurred in the cooler seasons. They will look to see that the fans are circulating properly and they’ll advise on any energy saving opportunities.

If you want your system to serve you reliably for many seasons to come, then you should call Frozone, the leaders in air conditioning services on the Northern Beaches for a comprehensive maintenance check on your air conditioning unit. 

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November 30, 2019