Factors to Consider Before a Split System Air Conditioner Installation

Anyone looking to get a split system installed soon should read up on these important points before proceeding.




January 31, 2020

Efficiency is the word most commonly used when it comes to any purchases that need to be powered. We consider fuel efficiency when buying a car, energy ratings on light bulbs and appliances and we are constantly coming up with more efficient ways to cool and heat our homes. 

So what does it actually mean to have an energy efficient air-conditioner? Well it’s more than just checking the energy rating on a system before you buy it. Before you purchase and proceed with a split system air-conditioner installation in Sydney you should consider the following:

  • Where your windows are located
  • The number of heat generating appliances and how often you use them
  • The size and layout of your property
  • Do you spend lots of time at home 
  • Are you out often? If so, do you  need a great self timing system 

Split system air conditioners are the most efficient, durable and reliable air conditioners on the market. What matters is getting the most out of your split system unit; getting the right system for your home and lifestyle; and making sure it lasts as long as your unit is capable of lasting. If your system is too large yur system will cycle on and off and that will interfere with the longevity of your system. If the system is too small it will have to work that much harder to cool your home. That means using more energy regardless of what the rating suggests and risking component failure . 

Frozone aircon specialists can use state of the art software to conduct a load calculation for your new system. Air conditioners like a Daikin split system have generic qualities that suit many, if not most, average sized installations. There are many other systems with a higher efficiency rating that will in the long term save you plenty of money but the set-up or installation costs are significantly higher. It’s up to you to decide what you can afford. If you focus on following sensible and proven split system maintenance practices then any system that has a good energy efficiency rating will save you money. Reading up on how you can get the best out of your air-conditioner will be instructive and helpful.

If you are considering split system air conditioning, you should speak to us. We have decades of industry experience. We have a well stocked showroom and vehicles on the road. Frozone air are here to answer any questions about how to choose a system that is best suited to the specific requirements of your property and budget.

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January 31, 2020