Air Conditioning Cleaning Sydney

Low Pressure Coil Cleaning in Sydney

Increase your air quality with our advanced low pressure coil cleaning for your ducted or split system

Why is pressure coil cleaning so important?

  • Extends the life of your air conditioning system
  • Improves air quality by removing harmful germs, mould and bacteria. Restores the unit to near new Air Quality conditions
  • Ideal service for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Dramatically increases the efficiency of your air-conditioner, slashing your electricity bills
  • Don’t settle for inferior coil cleaning services where they only clean 1/3 of the system with harsh chemicals

Our process

  • STEP 1. Remove filters and front plastic covers. Cleaned and wiped down (for split systems only)
  • STEP 2. Install special water catch bag around indoor unit (for splits only)
  • STEP 3. Remove any caked on dust or grime
  • STEP 4. Coat the entire system with an advanced anti-bacterial alkaline based chemical
  • STEP 5. Coil is coated with mould remover and sanitiser
  • STEP 6. Unit is then cleaned and rinse off with low pressure jet cleaner or coil, blower fan and return air well
  • STEP 7. Unit is dried, reassembled and operations tested

Before and After results

Split Systems

Ducted Systems

Don’t settle for other cheap cleaning services.

Frozone Air uses advanced cleaning techniques and equipment.

We are one of the only air conditioning companies offering this level of cleaning service!
Clean air conditioners operate up to 30% more efficiently!

How often should I get my unit cleaned?

We recommend getting your system cleaned approximately every 3 years, but this can be reduced to 1 year or extended to 5 years depending on the usage of the system. Getting your system cleaned prior to peak periods ie. summer or winter is recommended.

Why is this service so important to my health?

Air conditioners harbour an alarmingly large amount of mould spores, bacteria and contaminants that are blown through your home every time the air conditioner is turned on, potentially causing ill health. Don’t settle for cheap inferior cleaning services that only address 1/3 of the issue.