Nothing is better for your health than the quality of the air you breath

Breathing is just one of those things we do without thinking. It's so important that we have good quality air within our home.




August 31, 2019

Nothing lends itself to the out of sight out of mind philosophy than sub-floor ventilation. If you’re not prone to flooding and you have been victim to odd or unpleasant odours seeping through the floorboards then you probably have no reason to venture down there.

But there are other issues that may be rooted in poor sub floor ventilation and they may be causing decay, mould, mildew and even poor health. Mould illness is a genuine, debilitating health concern that can lead to respiratory and other complications.

The perils of moisture

Moisture under your home gets into your building materials which is utopia for a termite. They love those dank, musty spots where they can do their destructive business. And Sydney siders know too well, where one breed of vermin resides it won’t be long till some larger vermin come to feast on them. It’s the law of the urban jungle. 

If the moisture is penetrating building materials beneath your home it will find its way into the foundations and start to rise into your home. Wallpaper lifts and paint peels. People in the house start to splatter and cough and there’s a damp cold feeling that never desists. 


You probably have vents but there’s a good chance that something has grown across or through them and the air is no longer flowing to or from your underfloor area. You can assess each vent for the problem and even resolve it but some vents may have become inaccessible or it may be part but not all of the problem. 

If you want to improve the air quality in your home, you need an adequate subfloor ventilation system with underfloor ventilation fans. Fans are positioned to draw out and dispel damp air. Air conditioning and ventilation experts can customise a system that is ideal for your circumstances and reverse the harmful traces of moisture that have essentially invaded your home and your health. A subfloor ventilation system is extremely quiet and runs on a timer. 

When you assess the damage caused by rising damp, termites and mould illness and the spores that transfer via your clothing and other materials, a sub-floor ventilation installation cost is negligible.
Frozone Air specialise in air-conditioners of all makes and models. We also specialise in ducted air conditioners and underfloor ventilation systems. Don’t allow moisture to take over your home and your health. For an obligation free assessment and quote you should contact Frozone Air today.

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August 31, 2019