Myths and Facts About Air Conditioners

Myths and facts related to air conditioning systems. It's not always best to believe everything you hear.




May 8, 2019

There are a few air conditioner myths that should be addressed so you are clear on what is required to keep your unit running and doing its job effectively. Especially because your air conditioning will be required less as the weather cools.

Myth: Maintenance is a DIY job.

Some maintenance you can do yourself and some should be done by a professional. What you should know is that maintenance is about the most important part of running your air conditioning unit efficiently.

Your split system air conditioner has an outdoor unit and condenser fan. The coils are susceptible to dirt, debris, grass and all sorts of grime. In the ‘off season’ clean it down with a hose to get rid of all of the build up. It’s not a hard job but you need to set aside the time to do it. Perhaps you can remember to do it when you mow the lawns. The alternative is having your air conditioner working much harder than necessary which will be reflected in the size of your electricity bills. A regular check of your unit by a professional will make sure that your unit is healthy and running efficiently.

Myth: You can get sick from your air conditioning unit.

Dirty air gets circulated in many ways, not just because of your air conditioner. If you are taking care of your air conditioning unit then there is no reason to suggest it could make you unwell. Unless of course, you are ignoring your obligation to maintenance. If you don’t clean the filters in your air conditioning unit you are running the risk of getting sick. If you have a ducted system it should be checked by a professional each year and the filters should be changed at least twice yearly to make sure they are doing their job effectively.

Fact: Air Conditioning is a great Heating option.

Air conditioning is one for the most energy efficient ways to heat your home. Far cheaper then other conventional heating sources ie. electric heaters.

Myth: That you should alternate your air conditioning with your ceiling fans.

They serve two different functions. Ceiling fans disperse air, air conditioners cool the air. The best and least expensive way to run your air conditioning unit is to keep the thermostat at a sensible setting and eliminate drafts. The other sensible thing that you can do is to cover your windows so the sun doesn’t enter to work against your air conditioning.

We are approaching the end of summer and bar another burst of hot weather, you will be using your air conditioning unit for heating instead of cooling. You shouldn’t ignore your maintenance obligations for the winter months. To have them working at their best, care and maintenance is still required to ensure that they’ll be in good shape all year round.
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May 8, 2019