Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Ready for Summer

It's easy to forget, but its important to make sure your air conditioner is ready for summer so you don't get stuck on those hot days without it.




May 30, 2019

Winter is the ideal time to prepare your air conditioning unit for summer. Remember, this is Sydney and while our winters can bite in June and July and some of August, they can also taper off earlier than expected which means your air-conditioning could be required sooner than you think.

Check your air filter

There are some excellent reasons to check your air filter and change it if required. The first reason is an economic one. You’ve invested in an air conditioning unit so you would like it to last for as long as possible and changing your filter extends the lifespan of your air-conditioning unit. Ideally, you should be checking your air filter every 30 days. That principle applies equally to a split system air conditioner, as well as reverse cycle and ducted systems. The rule is that if you can see light coming through then it is still clean enough to use. If you can’t see light then it’s time for a replacement.

New filters are not expensive. Attention to this simple piece of maintenance will reduce the amount of work that your air conditioning unit needs to do and save you plenty on energy bills.

New filters purify the quality of your air. Dirty filters transmit allergens and dirt and can cause health and respiratory problems

Schedule a maintenance appointment

Air conditioning units are a bit like cars. The most important thing that you can do to keep the energy and cost efficient and to extend their lifespan is to make sure you have them regularly maintained.

For Northern Beaches air conditioning maintenance, a qualified Frozone Air aircon technician do an all-systems check on your air conditioning unit to ensure that they will be ready to function at their best in summer. If you have a reverse cycle air conditioning unit the same applies. In fact, you should keep an eye on your manufacturer’s warranty because some models may stipulate maintenance checks as a warranty condition.

Because they are more complex and often apply to larger houses and buildings, ducted air conditioning repairs in Sydney and suburbs really need to be carried out by experts in both commercial and residential air conditioning.Frozone Air specialise in both. We have fully qualified and equipped technicians out on the road installing, repairing and maintaining air conditioning units of all models and makes - ducted, split system and reverse cycle. For a maintenance check or to enquire about the installation of a new unit, contact Frozone today.

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May 30, 2019