How to Lower the Cost of Running Your Air Conditioning

We've compiled some tips for lowering your air conditioning running costs whilst still enjoying the cool home you desire.




November 28, 2018

Don’t swelter in summer because of the doom and gloom about rising energy costs. There are ways around it - it’s just a case of being less frivolous with energy and being more conservative which is what we should be doing anyway.

The good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do to keep the cost of running your air conditioning unit down.

Research and purchase well. Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic and Fujitsu all produce energy efficient small, medium and large air conditioning units if you are purchasing a new system. Now that you’ve purchased well, you’ll need to take on some of these tips on how to use your air conditioner effectively in order to to save some money:

Don’t allow the heat in your home to build up during the day. Don’t do things that will make the temperature inside hotter. That means avoid cooking on a stove top and using the clothes dryer or the dishwasher. They all generate heat so they’ll make your internal space hotter and your air conditioner will need to work harder.

Keep your home shaded. On the subject of keeping the inside of your home cool, a good quality shade over the windows that are subject to the most heat can reduce the temperature in your home by as much as seven or eight degrees. Use light colour shades and hang them as close to the window panes as possible.

Alternate your air conditioner with a ceiling fan. That’s not to suggest that ceiling fans are a substitute for residential air conditioning because they’re not. But once you’ve cooled the air and adopted some of the energy saving measures, a ceiling fan is a more conservative user of energy and will work to keep the cool air circulating. Ceiling fans will complement your air conditioning and cool things considerably along with the other cost saving measures.

Programmable thermostats will conserve energy by adjusting the temperatures while you’re asleep or away. Pre program your system to come on at your preferred temperature when you’re returning home. Some come with apps that can be operated from your smartphone. If you’re asleep and you want your air conditioning unit on in the night, you can use the thermostat to either turn it off at specific times or you could reduce the temperature, say in the dead of night when everybody is sound asleep. This strategy alone could reduce your costs by as much as 10%.

Get regular services. Maintenance is important. Problems with your air conditioning unit means it may have to work extra hard to be effective and efficient. If that’s the case it’s consuming more energy than is required.

But that’s not the only reason. If your filters are  dirty or blocked, you don’t want it spreading unpleasant air-particles. If it’s leaking water or gas, you want to get to it before the problem becomes more serious. Contact Frozone for aircon repairs and a clean bill of health for your air-conditioning system. Frozone Air Conditioning service in Sydney offers prompt and professional repairs for homes and businesses.

Insulate. Quality insulation complements air conditioning, So does sealing gaps around windows and doors and anywhere that could potentially leak air. Older homes are particularly susceptible to drafts and gaps around windows and doors.

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November 28, 2018