Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split Systems - What you should Choose

If you’re in the market for an air-conditioner you might be a little overwhelmed by the amount of systems and brands that you have to choose from. Here's our run down on them.




May 8, 2019

If you’re in the market for an air-conditioner you might be a little overwhelmed by the amount of systems and brands that you have to choose from. There are some big name brands out there in the market-place and they all claim some pretty impressive features.

But before you get down to brands and all the bells and whistles, there’s another more pressing question that you need to address. You need to decide if you are going to purchase a ducted or split system air conditioning unit. Before you make the decision it’s probably best to be informed on the differences between the two systems. It’s split system vs. ducted, which is most appropriate to meet your needs?

Split systems

A split system air conditioner has two parts to it, which is why it’s called a split system. The condenser, which is responsible for transferring heat into refrigerated air, is positioned outside the house, while the main part of the system, the head unit, is fixed to an interior wall or on the floor as a free standing unit.

One of the main distinctions between the two is that a split system is much less expensive to purchase and maintain than a ducted system. It is hard to say whether it’s less expensive to run than a ducted system because they are different systems that are often used in different types of homes. Split system units are ideal for apartments or smaller homes and they are great for two storey houses or terraces because installing ducting between levels can be a bit of a nightmare.

You can start with a split system unit in one part of the house and add other units later. Because they are run by remote control you can have different systems running at different  temperatures in each room.

The main disadvantages of a split system unit are the aesthetics of having the unit fixed to the outside of your home and cooling capacity. Installers should try to position the condenser so its visual impact is minimal. If possible, place it behind some plants or even build a small screen or structure that could  completely or partially conceal it.

As for its ability to cool, unless you choose a particularly powerful system, a split system air conditioning unit only works effectively in the room or zone that it is located in. If it is a smaller space with few interior walls then a standard unit may suffice, but not so in larger homes. You will either need to invest in an additional system or a far more sophisticated, and expensive, multi head split system which is multiple indoor units connected to one outdoor unit (condenser).  

Ducted systems

A ducted system is concealed in the roof of your property or if you are able, somewhere on the outside of your property where it is easily hidden. All that you can see on the inside of your home are the vents that the cool, ducted air passes through.

ducted air conditioning installation in Sydney

A ducted system is generally much quieter than a split system. The temperature is set at the one level throughout the home via a thermostat. You can have your ducted system ‘zoned’ if you prefer. Zoned systems can run at different temperatures in different parts of the home. You can even turn the system off in rooms that aren’t being cooled and that will considerably save on running costs. Ducted air conditioning running costs will be impacted by using energy efficiently and intelligently.

As a homeowner, you will view ducted air conditioning as an investment in your property and while they are substantial investment compared to a split system, over the long term you will have the opportunity to recoup your investment if you adopt some intelligent, energy saving strategies.

You need to make sure you have the space to install a ducted system. And if you plan on moving out of your property in a foreseeable time period then it may not be the kind of investment that adds enough value to your home to make it worth your while.

A final note and this applies to both ducted and split system units. Most can run as reverse cycle units so you have the added advantage of heating in winter. When you are looking at split systems then you should consider which is the best split system for heating.

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May 8, 2019