iZone: main unique features and benefits


1 Feature: iZone is NOT a tablet - it is an air conditioning controller with its own unique embedded firmware designed to run air conditioners. It has an intelligent thermostat built in to the screen to deliver perfect climate control at all times. That is why we are confident in our 10 year warranty.  
Benefit: unlike cheap tablets, which may only last a couple of years, an iZone controller is built to last a minimum of 10 years, and most likely longer than that.  

2 Feature: You can adjust airflow to zones in 5% increments
Benefit: gives you manual control over temperatures in the zone, thereby increasing comfort and efficiency. This feature can save money on running costs. Instead of overcooling or undercooling zones, you deliver the right amount of air.  

3 Feature: iZone zones are modulating zones for precision automated climate control: iZone damper motors are not just open/close dampers: every iZone damper motor is a modulating motor. Each iZone motor acquires its own time calibrated "open to close signature" on initialisation – and this unique time signature stamp is stored in the main Central Processing Unit enabling each motor to modulate with absolute precision all the time.  
Benefit: much finer, accurate control of airflow and therefore maximum comfort and energy savings.  

4 Feature: Zone Fault Diagnostics: instant on-screen feedback if your iZone system detects a faulty zone in the network
Benefit: you know immediately if there is a faulty damper motor or faulty connection between the motor and the CPU. This means you can immediately contact your service agent to repair or replace the faulty zone or cable. You know which zone is faulty ensuring quick, reliable repair of your iZone air conditioning system.  

5 Feature: Every iZone system has 9 "favourites" available for programming your favourite zone scenario to match your lifestyle. An example of this may be that you program a DAY favourite to run just. the day zones during the day with all the night zones off at this time. Label this favourite: DAY.  
Benefit: you use only the zones you need thereby saving you money on running costs. It's an easy re set if zones are changed by the kids, just push one favourite button to restore that scenario rather than resetting and potentially going through all 14 zones one by one to get the same result.  

6 Feature: You can time schedule your air conditioning, lighting or reticulation systems to turn themselves on or off at any time of the day or night. You then time schedule the favourites to activate these zone scenarios at selected times.  
Benefit: wake up to a warm home in winter or come home to a cool home after work in summer. Have selected lights turn on automatically each evening and turn off at bed time.  

7 Feature: There is an easy to use Timer Button that allow you to toggle run times for when you want your air conditioning system to automatically switch off, especially at night when you have gone to sleep
Benefit: the air conditioning switches off automatically whilst you are asleep instead of running through the night to save you money on running costs. This is a fast and easy option to use if you don't want to set up schedules.  

8 Feature: Automated room Climate Control; with wireless wall sensors  
Benefit: no need to run cables down walls making the system inexpensive to install. The wireless thermostats have their own auto/off button so you can switch your room air conditioning on and off directly from the wireless switch in the room  

9 Feature: Automated room Climate Control; with wired iSense occupancy detection controller  
Benefit: the iSense temperature controller has a backlight screen so that you can see the temperature you have set, the actual temperature in the room, and the temperatures close to each other to maximise your comfort. The iSense controller has the added bonus of in built movement detection so that if someone leaves the room, the air conditioning to that room or zone will automatically turn off – to save on running costs  

10 Feature: iZone has a clean me filter warning system which is both time based and configurable  
Benefit: you can set the time interval to suit the time frequency of the reminders. By cleaning your system filter regularly and on time you will save on running costs and this will prolong the life of you air conditioning equipment  

11 Feature: iZone has an economy mode feature that allows you to prevent anyone from increasing or decreasing the temperature settings to unrealistic extremes, especially young children  
Benefit: this feature will ensure that your system only runs between economical set points, say between 22 degrees and 25 degrees, ensuring your system runs as economically as possible  

12 Feature: iZone also has a Fan Auto Function: this feature gives your iZone system the ability to increase or decrease the unit's fan speed settings as zones are opened or close  
Benefit: If all but one of the zones in your system are closed, the air conditioning machine will reduce its fan speed setting to low fan speed to maximise comfort and control. It will also save on running costs. As you open the number of zones the system will automatically increase the units fan speed to deliver the greater level of airflow required.  

13 Feature: iZone comes standard with WiFi and 4G control so you can control your system fully from any mobile device, tablet or computer in your home or away from your home. iZone has control capabilities across all phone platforms; namely iOS (Apple), Android and Microsoft Windows.  
Benefit: no matter what smart device you choose, or where you are, you have full control of your iZone system  

14 Feature: iZone air conditioning can be integrated into most quality Home Automation systems
Benefit: with an iZone air conditioning system you can fully control all aspects of the air conditioning through the home automation system. Without iZone, you may only be able to turn the air conditioning system ON or OFF through the home automation system. As an added bonus, iZone has partnered with Control 4 Automation and built an iZone app to run the air conditioning with all functionality on the Control 4 Home Automation platform

15 Feature: Display and Record any unit faults: iZone will display any unit fault codes on the front screen  
Benefit: this will help you in the event of a system malfunction; you can call your service agent with precise information about what is wrong with the air conditioning machine. It helps them so that they know exactly where to look for the fault. These events are recorded and stored with a time and date stamp within the configuration menu of the iZone system to assist with any future warranty call outs or if you ever sell your home and the next owner needs to know what had previously happened  

16 Feature: Every iZone 325 system has an integrated lighting control capability
Benefit: you have full control over all your lights. All lights are LED lights so are cheaper to run. You can dim lights, change colours of lights, auto manage light intensity automatically throughout the day, change white light from cool white to warm white, schedule your lights to turn on and off when you want, have lights dance to the sound of music, turn all your lights off at once or on all at once. These are just a few of the many benefits of an iZone system  

17 Feature: Every iZone 325 system now comes with a reticulation control option capability  
Benefit: this means you can run your reticulation system from the iZone touchscreen or any smart device. No more running back and forth from the reticulation controller when repairing sprinkler pop ups, run each station from your phone! Add IFTTT functionality for free and link the iDrate system to your local weather station – if it rains then don't run the reticulation system to save you money!  

18 Feature: IFTTT channels for iZone, iLight and iDrate – you can create your own FREE applets to interconnect with other controllable devices or the internet to further automate your home  
Benefit: some of the features that IFTTT and your iZone can deliver:  

• If you are close to home, turn your lights on automatically

• Send a text if someone switches air conditioning on  

• Turn the air conditioning on if the temperature outside reaches 30 degrees  

19 Features: can change background colour of the touchscreen  
Benefit: change background colour to suit your décor  

20 Feature: 10 year warranty
: peace of mind that you are covered by a 10 year warranty on all Airstream components* conditions apply, see website for details  

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