Airstream iZone Controller


iZone Controller features:

  • Intuitive touch screen controller that controls both the unit and the zones.
  • iZone app allows you to control everything from your phone or tablet
  • Wi-Fi and 4G, you can control your system from anywhere.
  • Option of upgrading to individual room temperature control, iSense controllers or up to 12 touch screen controllers
  • Constantly saving money, reducing running costs


iZone gives you total control

iZone is a next generation climate control system that works with leading air conditioning brands. The intuitive touch screen interface is elegant, easy to use and exceptionally efficient.

iZone’s touch screen technology gives you total temperature control of each room individually. Adjust the air distribution, temperature or airflow to any room. Select up to 12 touch screen consoles or 14 zone/sensors – every room will be at the temperature you want, all the time. You can direct airflow to only the rooms you choose for maximum efficiency and savings or set favourites to activate quick adjustment to the entire system.

iZone is a next generation climate control system that works with leading air conditioning brands. With Wi-Fi and 4G, you can control your system from anywhere. Now the whole family can come home to the perfect temperature.


Customisable controllers and sensors = More choice

With a range of facia colours and customisable background colours, say goodbye to the white plastic box and select a controllers or sensors that compliments the decor of every room. Changing the background colour of your controller is straightforward as choosing the precise temperature you want.

Smart Integration

With the use of IFTTT iZone can be integrated with google home and other 3rd party apps. Turn the lights on when you arrive home or turn the air conditioning on when outside temperate reaches over 30 degrees.

Optional Extras

Independent Temperature Control (ITC) – WIRELESS

Izone-wireless sensorsThere can be huge temperature discrepancies between rooms, depending on their orientation to the sun and whether they are upstairs or downstairs. With iZone, you can manually send more air to hotter rooms. However if you’d prefer everything to be adjusted automatically, you have the option of upgrading to Independent Temperature Control (ITC). Each ITC sensor is like a thermostat, giving you individual room temperature control. They instruct the system to continually adjust the airflow to maintain your selected temperature.

We particularly recommend installing ITC in the hotter west facing or upstairs rooms to ensure they stay the temperature you want as the day heats up. As ITC sensors ensure you won’t be over air-conditioning rooms, they have the added bonus of saving energy.

Sensors can be installed in as many rooms as you like, either at the time of installation or later on.


iSense room temperature controllers for optimal efficiency

This clever zone controller detects if a room is unoccupied. iSense will then automatically adjust
the room temperature or switch off the air conditioning to that room. iSense significantly improves energy efficiency and reduces the running cost of ducted air conditioning system’s in homes and offices, directing the airflow only to the rooms you are using.

Home automation integration

iZone 325 uses the latest technology, so you can integrate your air conditioning with your home automation system, to make it even easier to control the temperature of every room in your home.

iZone 325 latest brochure. izone brochure


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