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Air Conditioning Service in Belrose

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if air conditioning systems in Belrose lasted forever and you never had to worry about cooling problems? Unfortunately that’s just a dream but Frozone Air can take most of the worry out of home cooling systems.

Commercial units have special needs and it is very important to keep them tuned up and maintained. Otherwise, you could have problems in hot weather and that can cost you a lot of business. Frozone Air services both residential and commercial cooling needs in Belrose.

Our maintenance programs are exceptional because we check 19 major areas each time we inspect an air conditioning system. After inspection, we provide the customer with a report that gives the condition of the system and lists potential problem spots.


Do You Really Need Maintenance/Service?

Why pay to have your air conditioning system cleaned and inspected on a regular basis? Well, for one thing, it will get rid of pollen, dirt, dust, and many other contaminants that make their way into the system. These things will zap your air conditioning system over time, and lower its efficiency.

A clean cooling system can cool your home easier, while a dirty system must work hard. A hard working system not only uses more power, it is more likely to break down when you really need it.

Frozone Air services all air conditioning systems, Including:
  • Packaged Cooling Units for Commercial Use
  • Reverse Cycle Cooling Systems
  • Split Cooling Systems
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Ducted and un-ducted systems

Why Choose Maintenance Services from Frozone?

  • Exceptional maintenance services : It’s so easy to forget about routine maintenance. That is why Frozone provides easy scheduling, so your unit can get the best possible service, and you can avoid future problems.
  • Experience: There is no substitute for experience and you will receive service from experienced air conditioning technicians that take great pride in their work. Our tradesmen have more than 40 years of combined cooling system experience.
  • No hassles guarantee : We want you to be happy with our services and we stand behind them 100 percent. If you are not satisfied with our work, we will refund you the cost of the service call.
  • Preferential treatment : Our maintenance service customers are a priority with us. We will provide you with the fastest response times possible when you need priority assistance, and you won’t pay full price for priority repairs.

To learn more about our regular maintenance plans, call us today at 1300 558 322 or click here to visit our Contact Us page.