Air Conditioning System Installations on the Northern Beaches

Installing Air Conditioning in the Northern Beaches

Nothing lasts forever, and it may be time to think about replacing that old air conditioning system in Northern Beaches. In fact, there are several good reasons to opt for a new installation from Frozone Air. For example:

  • Fewer problems : when a cooling system needs simple repairs, it is no problem to go ahead and have them taken care of. However, if major repairs are necessary, then you may be better off replacing the unit. When a system needs extensive repairs, it may be worn out or not in good condition. A new installation can save you the headaches of more repair bills in the future.
  • Save Money : over the years, an a/c unit can gradually become less efficient. Even when properly maintained, parts eventually begin to wear out and when a cooling system loses efficiency it starts to use more energy. Today’s new a/c systems are highly efficient and can save you a lot of money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Greater comfort :once a cooling system gets old, your house may stay too warm. In fact, it may difficult to keep the temperature low enough for maximum comfort. A new unit will keep the entire house comfortable and cool.

How Can You Tell It’s Time for a New Unit?

There are several ways that you can tell it might be time for replacement. Here are four to consider:

  • Age : is your cooling system ten years old or more? If so, it could actually be costing you more money to operate an old system than to replace it with a new installation.
  • Part of the house is much warmer : when some cooling systems start to fail, they lose their ability to cool the entire house. This can make one room or area too warm and uncomfortable.
  • Noise : does it sound like a large aircraft is flying over when the air conditioning starts up? This could be a sign of major problems. Many older units get noisy and this could mean that trouble is on the horizon.
  • Frequent repairs : when a system has frequent problems, it could be on its last legs. A new system may be the perfect solution.

If you are thinking about a new installation, Frozone Air recommends these brands for quality and comfort:

For details on different types of systems, check out the links. If you are thinking about a new split cooling system, look at our sizing guide by clicking here. For more information on air conditioning installations in the Northern Beaches from Frozone Air, call us today at 1300 558 322.

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