Air Conditioning System Installations in Manly

Installing Air Conditioning in Manly

Are you experiencing air conditioning problems in Manly? Maybe you’re wondering if you should opt for a new installation instead of additional repairs. When you let Frozone Air replace your old unit, you will realize several benefits. For example:

  • Lower energy bills : Modern air conditioning systems are extremely energy efficient. In fact, today’s units are considerably more efficient than ones from just a few years ago. An old and tired air conditioning unit works very hard and could use up a lot of power, and a new unit can be an excellent investment.
  • Increased comfort level : Old cooling units may struggle to keep a house cool and may not do a very good job. Why pay higher energy bills for something that is not going to provide maximum comfort, when you can a have new unit that makes the entire house cooler and more comfortable?
  • One less thing to worry about : Replacing that old unit will lighten the load on your mind. You don’t need to worry about breakdowns or a/c repair bills, and this can greatly simplify life and make it less stressful.

Should You Replace the Old System Now?

If you are dealing with air conditioning problems, you may want to think about a new installation, rather than spending more money on repairs. Here are some ways you can tell if replacement time is near:

  • 10 year old system : Has it been 10 years or more since the cooling system was new? If this is the case, a new installation is a good idea. This will save you money on energy and future repair bills.
  • Uneven cooling : Have you noticed that one of the bedrooms or another area of the house is not as cool as it should be? Uneven cooling is often a sign that your cooling unit has serious issues.
  • Clunk, clunk : Does the old air conditioning unit sound more like an old truck instead of a cooling unit? When cooling systems become noisy it usually means that major parts are worn out.
  • Frequent service calls : Have you seen your repairman several times in the past few months? When your system needs frequent repairs, you may be better off with a new one.

A brand new cooling system may not be as expensive as you think. Plus, it pays to install a quality system that will provide many years of service. Frozone Air recommends the following brands:

Would you like to have a new split cooling system in your home? Check out the sizing guide by clicking here. If you are thinking about a new cooling system installation in Manly, call Frozone Air at 1300 558 322. We are happy to answer your questions and provide information.

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