Choosing the best aircon installers

With These Tips you won’t make mistakes or be scammed by air-conditioning installers and repairers

When the hot weather hits we’re keen to get our air conditioning units in working order for the long summer ahead. Sometimes, our enthusiasm combined with the need for expediency means we don’t do our due diligence as we should and we find ourselves in the hands of repairers or installers whose ethics and standards are less than best practice.

When an unethical repairer calls they’ll probably talk the talk and you’ll be none the wiser. It’s likely you will just assume they are doing what we think they’re meant to be doing only to realise later on that they failed to do something they should have done or they did things that didn’t need doing.

These characters are out there and they tend to thrive at peak times – when demand is high they can be hard to identify in the rush.

You will never need to repair ‘multiple parts’

A big red flag is when a repairer tells you that you need to replace multiple parts. Such a claim is highly irregular. An air conditioning unit will most likely be compromised by one part, not multiple parts. And in the rare event of a number of parts failing, that would most likely occur because that one faulty part is interfering with the function of the other parts – it’s a kind of domino effect.

Once an unethical repairer has made such a claim, it is possible that they’ll follow that up with a second claim that the combined cost  to replace the multiple faulty parts would be more than the cost of a new unit and therefore you should replace rather than repair – red flag number two.

And don’t fall for the old refrigerant needs to be ‘recharged’ or ‘refilled’ scam. If your refrigerant is low then that would be most likely due to a leak somewhere in your system. The leak is the problem, not evaporating refrigerant.

If it’s too good to be true it then it probably is

Free services, inspections and maintenance checks make for great marketing copy. But if a repairer or installer is spending their days driving around claiming to be an air conditioning specialist in Sydney but not charging for their services, you should wonder how their business is surviving. It’s possible that they will find things to do that don’t need doing just to get a call out fee and a payment.

Frozone offer up front honest pricing

Frozone Air agree on a flat rate price upfront with our customers before any work is carried out. Giving you peace of mind that there will be no additional costs at the completion of the job.

Check the veracity of the claims that air conditioning installation and repair companies make before you let them into your home. Once they are there and they are inspecting your unit, don’t fall for claims that something must be done immediately or else … It is very rare that a problem with your air conditioning will require a very expensive repair or replacement immediately; it will most certainly be something that can wait until you are able to get a second opinion.

Build a relationship with a reputable company

If you have an air conditioning unit it is great practice to develop a relationship with your air conditioning installation company, (assuming you were happy with their work) for aircon maintenance. Air conditioning is essential in climates like Sydney, so as long as there is a need for cooling solutions there will be a need for repair and maintenance work.

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