Benefits you will enjoy with your extended warranty

  • No upfront costs or ‘lock in’ contracts.
  • Regular maintenance keeps your system running at peak performance.
    This saves you money in electrical consumption and extends the life of
    your equipment.
  • Helps prevent major breakdowns, especially on the hottest and coldest days.
  • Improves air quality, reducing allergens and bacteria.
  • Identifies potential problems before they occur.
  • Satisfies the manufacturers warranty maintenance requirements.
  • Frozone Air is committed to ensuring that you will be informed of any problems that we may find
    during your service.
  • Giving you up to 5 years peace of mind on your investment.
  • Friendly email reminders every year.

Simply book your yearly service/maintenance within the first 12 months after installation of your new air conditioning system to get all of the above benefits.


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I have read and accept the below including the Terms of Trade of Frozone Air Pty Ltd.

1: Extended Installation warranty coverage

Installation warranty covers materials and workmanship provided with the air conditioning installation. The warranty period is extendable with a yearly service performed each consecutive year up to a maximum of 5 year. This is separate to the manufacturers warranty of 5 years on the air conditioning unit.

Whilst we make a recommendation on the frequency of servicing, due to individual use more frequent servicing may be required eg. 6 monthly. Drains and filters should be serviced regularly to avoid any damage to property.

Customer is to keep equipment accessible and free of obstructions that may prevent proper servicing of equipment. Obligation to furnish replacement parts is subject to availability of parts from normal sources of supply. If parts are unavailable or obsolete contract coverage on these items is voided.

2: Limitations of cover and Exclusions

Extended warranty does not cover parts or labour when failure is a result of the following - Fire, water, wind-storm, hail, lighting, earthquake, rodents/insects, theft, misuse/abuse or any other circumstance beyond the Frozone Air’s control.

The warranty does not cover nor warrant high voltage electrical work, any parts of installation that were not installed by Frozone Air i.e. Existing ductwork, piping, zones or pre existing systems. Materials are warranted in accordance with the warranty table.

Unnecessary callouts will be charged to the customer at current rates. Examples include- thermostat set to low or too high or in wrong mode, Isolation switches/circuit breakers switched off or tripping due to power surge/outage or clogged air filters.

Frozone Air will not be held responsible for any changes made by third parties.

Any sub-sequential damage to property due to lack of maintenance will not be covered by Frozone Air.

Frozone Air does not cover any damage to system from rust/corrosion.

3: Preventative Maintenance Visit

Frozone Air to will contact you to arrange a maintenance visit within the agreed timeframe, otherwise the extended warranty period will lapse.

Frozone Air is not responsible if maintenance is not performed due to customers unavailability to schedule work.

Frozone Air reserves the right to amend the agreement if more visits are found to be required per annum.

4: Service Hours

Service shall be scheduled during normal trading hours. Mon-Fri 730am-4pm.


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