When to Replace Your Air Conditioner? Some Telltale Signs

When working effectively, air-conditioning units hum away in the background and make the environment pleasant. When they stop working well there are some tell tale signs that include excessive or different sounds and smells and leaking water or gas often in spots that aren’t easily detected. Maybe it has just stopped doing what it was doing.

Failing to replace your air-conditioner when its time is up is damaging to the health, productivity and wellbeing of your family and friends and in the case of commercial air-conditioners, your staff and customers.

Air conditioning repairs and maintenance are the best way to avoid having to buy a new unit and contact Frozone for air-conditioning installation. However, sometimes maintenance has been neglected and the best thing is to replace your residential air-conditioner or commercial air-conditioner.

If your air-conditioning unit is blowing opposite to its temperature settings which means it might be blowing warm air when it should be cooling and vice versa, then that’s a problem. That may mean low refrigerant levels which can be repaired or it could be something more serious like a damaged compressor which means your unit would most likely need to be replaced. The same goes for inconsistent and diminished airflow. Check filters, valves, condensation drains and coils to see if it is a maintenance issue but most likely, it is an issue with your compressor and a new system will be required.

Now for strange noises. Screeching, grinding, grating, rattling or ticking are not the sounds you want to hear from your air-conditioner, this could indicate a serious problem and require a replacement unit! Sounds associated with maintenance problems are going to be a louder or inconsistent version of how your unit sounds when it’s working well. This could be a problem with the fan or a loose part, all repairable and avoidable through regular maintenance.

If your ductwork is mouldy or your filters need replacing then your air-conditioning unit might be giving off some unpleasant odours. That being the case, you could have a repairer look at it but if the smell doesn’t leave or if it seems to be fortified in the unit then for the health and safety of all concerned it’s best to replace it.

Another problem is short cycling: When the normal cycle of your air-conditioning unit is preset to stop and start but either fails to do so or doesn’t do so when required. This is a job for your technician to either repair or replace your unit. It’s the same as noticing a spike in your energy bills. If your unit is running poorly you will be using more energy which will explain why it’s costing you more. If you can’t get to the cause of the problem then it’s a false economy to have a unit that is draining your wallet - a new unit would be less of an impost.

Excess moisture from an air-conditioning unit isn’t only due to drips or leaks, you may notice a build up of condensation. Don’t mess about with moisture and electrical components nor should you attempt to handle refrigerant which could be the liquid that’s leaking and not water. Call Frozone, the air conditioning specialists in Sydney. They can advise whether the problem can be fixed or if your unit should be replaced.

If your air-conditioning unit is malfunctioning, it’s time to call in Frozone. We have six fully equipped trucks on the road with fully qualified air-conditioning experts at the wheel. We repair and install all the top brands and we work Sydney wide.